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Massage: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Medical & Lymphatic. Facials & Foot Detox in Winter Haven, Florida Ultimate Therapists Providing Stress Relief!

Deep Tissue Massage
Aids Longer lasting pain relief by reducing tight muscles, knots and tension from daily stressors.
60 minutes
90 minutes

Swedish Massage
Helps Relax & Stimulate healthy circulation.

60 minutes
90 minutes  

Lymphatic Drainage Plus
Certified Drainage Specialist, trained & experienced. Aids the body to move trapped fluids and toxins in the tissue.

60 minutes
90 minutes

Medical Massage -certified experienced specialist, Longest lasting results.
A blend of Therapeutic Massage techniques including Myofascial Release,  Deep & Medium pressure to help release congestion, swelling, tension and Lymphatic Drainage to aid in the removal of toxins from tissue
60 minutes
90 minutes

Add - Ons:
Aromatherapy w/ Certified Pure doTerra Oils (any of the above requires a full price hour service)
Service+ Time + $Price + $15.00

Our largest organ of elimination is our SKIN. Our feet have the largest pores. Detoxing through our skin helps the body eliminate metals and pollution we are exposed to through pollen, pollution, prescriptions, preservatives and pressures.
30 minutes

FACIALS- perfect for Men or Women
Deluxe Facial
Deep cleansing, tightening, moisturizing, stimulates collagen production, reduces  the appearance of fine lines, removes toxins and debris, brightens, stimulates and revitalizes dull lifeless skin. 
Includes: Steam, Cleansing, Exfoliation scrub, Extractions, Foot scrub & hot towel wrap, Facelift massage, Neck, arms, hands and shoulder massage + 2 Masks = Detox Mask w/ the choice of Collagen, Brightening or Papaya Enzyme Mask & finishes with  Moisturizer - returning moisture and vitamins to revitalize the face and decollete`.
 90  minutes+        $100.00

Basic Facial
Cleanses, brightens, tightens,moisturizes, stimulates, reduces appearance of fine
lines and refreshes.

Includes: Steamy towels, Cleansing, Exfoliating scrub,1 Moisturizing Mask, Neck, arms, hands and shoulder massage & finishes with Moisturizer - returning moisture and vitamins to revitalize the face and decollete`. ( No Extractions)
 60  minutes        $75.00

Mini Facial
Brightens, tightens, moisturizes and refreshes tired skin.                                      45 minutes     $50.00
Includes: Cleansing, exfoliating scrub, 1 moisture mask, face, hands and arm massage             
& finishes with Moisturizer- returning moisture and vitamins to revitalize the face
& decollette` . (No Extractions)
All scheduled services require advance notice of cancellation: Gift Certificate & Services 90 or more minutes= 48 hour notice & services 60 min or less require 24 hour notice of cancellation or 50% will be due &  must be paid in full  before rescheduling any services. 
If gift certificate no show full purchase price will become null & void.
All scheduled services require 50% deposit.

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________        ABOVE PRICING DOES NOT INCLUDE USUAL AND CUSTOMARY 15-18% GRATUITY 
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